Father Elias on the Secret things of God (Matthew 10:26)

“So have no fear of them; for nothing is covered up that will not be uncovered, and nothing secret that will not become known.” (Matthew 10:26)

Hello, dear brothers and sisters Down Under. As you may have noticed, today’s readings are about secrets.

We all have secrets. We have bad secrets. We have good secrets. We have bad secrets that we don’t want anybody to know about, and, of course, we have good secrets too, but if we have a certain degree of personality, we don’t want to share those good secrets immediately with everybody. We want to share them – our good secrets. We want to share them with people we choose, with people we love people, with people we consider worthy to receive those secrets, who are capable of understanding those secrets. You don’t share them with everybody. In a certain way, the good secrecy in ourselves shapes our personality. It gives us strength, especially in times of war, in times of trouble, secrets give us strength – an inner Force.

Now, when we read and hear the gospel of today, we see the meaning of those secrets. We understand why God gives us secrets. Good secrets are given to share at the right time. There are secrets that God whispers into our ears, into our hearts, and they are to be shared with others because they’re God’s secrets. They’re not just our secrets – the good Secrets – they’re somebody else’s too. The people we have fought with, the people we share our intimate intimacy with and, of course, our deepest intimacy is God. God is the creator of the universe. He’s, our saviour, so the good Secrets – it’s God’s secret in the first place, and He may decide too when they must be proclaimed, and especially those most precious secrets that are related to God. They are given for the whole creation, and there will be a time when we share them.

It might be in heaven it might be at the general at the universal Resurrection, but they are going to be shared, so it’s good to prepare those secrets well – to deepen the secrets of God’s love in our hearts because there will be a day when we will share them. On the other hand, there’s also the danger that we keep the bad secrets to ourselves because they give us the impression that we are creators of our own universe. The bad Secrets there – we are really alone, and we will be forever alone, we think, because there is a moment when God will ask us what we have done with our lives.

We cannot remain alone like gods in our own universe, full of bad secrets. We cannot remain alone forever, and so it’s good to share those bad secrets too – not with everybody but people that can help us with our addictions, people that we have to ask forgiveness from. We ask for forgiveness. That’s the revelation of a bad secret we hold inside. There are many ways of getting rid in a good way of the bad secrets we have, and that, in a certain way, also solves the problem of that unnamed person that can cast us into hell. “Don’t be afraid of the one of who can kill your body but be afraid of the one that can cast your body and your soul together in hell.”

Well, first of all, that means don’t be scared of God, because He certainly doesn’t want to cast you into hell. The demon is actually incapable of doing that because he must respect your freedom too. In the end, there’s only one you must fear and that is yourself, because only you yourself are capable, because you keep the secrets – these bad secrets – for yourself. You choose really – it’s possible to choose this darkness as your home, where you think you’re going to be on your own. You can be hardened in this choice for solitude in darkness, with your own bad Secrets, which, actually, if you look at it (and I’ve, heard a lot of confessions, I’ve heard a lot of very, very bad secrets). I can assure you bad Secrets: there’s nothing original in them. Sin is the most boring thing you can find in the universe. It’s repetitive, it’s always the same. It doesn’t give any joy. It’s lukewarm, -it’s neither cold nor hot.

Sin is boring, and the only one that can cast you into hell because of your sins because of your bad secrets, it’s yourself, and we get time – God gives us the time – to get rid of bad secrets and let the good secrets, the secrets of God’s forgiveness, the secret of God’s mercy of His love, of His truth, let it grow bit by bit in us, and in that way our life becomes a very fruitful time where we prepare beautiful original secrets – secrets that we acquired in the fight for life, the fight for love, the fight for faithfulness, the fight for causes worth living and causes worth dying for. Those good secrets – they will be revealed, and we will share them in the end of time.

That is Heaven. That is God’s glory, finally revealed. That’s the final truth about the fruitfulness of the Holy Spirit in our souls.

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