George Christensen on John 14:6 – Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life”

I’m George Christensen – former Australian politician and editor of Nation First. Thanks very much Father Dave for allowing me to share some thoughts with you on the Gospel reading for today,

In our modern world, the erosion of freedom and liberty has become a very pressing concern. A witness to big governments and big corporations that collaborate in ways that raise our fear. The rise of global agendas like those of the World Economic Forum heightens our anxiety about consequences for privacy and individual rights, but amidst all those concerns, we’ve got to remember that the answer to our problems isn’t found in a political ideology or an economic model, or indeed some white knight political saviour. The answer lies in Jesus Christ.

In the Gospel reading, from the day we find Jesus speaking to his disciples, assuring them in their moment of fear and confusion. He says: “Do not let your hearts be troubled, believe in God believe also in me.” Those words weren’t just for the disciples, but for us, and resonate deeply with us in our modern struggles. Christ understands the turmoil we face and invites us to put our trust in him to believe in him as a source of hope, strength and salvation. In the midst of the scramble for answers, Christ stands as the ultimate answer -the way, the truth and the life. Through him we find the path to true freedom, the embodiment of truth and the fullness of life that surpasses any earthly solution.

His teachings as recorded in the gospels give us timeless wisdom that transcends that limit of our modern era or any era. It provides guidance on how to live in a world that often seeks to constrain our freedom. Now true freedom as taught by Jesus Christ isn’t confined to political systems or societal structures. It’s a freedom that originates in the transformation of our hearts and our souls.

Christ liberates us from the bondage of sin, freeing us to love and serve others sacrificially. This Freedom embodies us or empowers us to live according to God’s will – to seek justice, compassion and dignity for all, it’s a freedom that brings about true flourishing for the entire human family. While we strive for freedom externally, let’s not forget the freedom that Christ offers us internally. It’s our relationship with him in which we discover the depths of liberation.

He invites us to abide in him, to find rest for ourselves and experience that peace that passes all understanding. That peace enables us to navigate the challenge of the modern world with clarity, discernment and resilience. In a world that is fraught with troubles and struggles He offers hope that goes beyond the confines of this earthly existence. He promises eternal life = a life in the presence of God where all sorrows and justices and oppression are no more. The Church Father Origen, in his commentary on John 14, beautifully captures this hope, reminding us that our earthly troubles aren’t the end of the story. He says we hope, through the grace of Jesus Christ to reach the highest Heavens where the fountains of water spring up unto eternal life. There we will be filled with the rivers of knowledge and united with the waters that praise His name.

Let’s anchor our concerns. our fears, our hopes in Jesus Christ. He is the answer to all our problems – the source of true Freedom, the beacon of eternal hope. In the midst of a world that seeks to diminish our liberties, let’s find solace and strength in his teachings. Let’s hold fast to the truth that sets us free and embody his love in all we do.

May we, as followers of Christ, be agents of transformation working towards the world that reflects his justice, his peace and his freedom. With Jesus is our guide, we can navigate the turbulent waters of this modern era, knowing He is with us every step of the way. Let’s remember that our concerns about the erosion of freedom and liberty are valid, but we must not let fear consume us. Instead, keep our eyes fixed on Jesus as a solid foundation and a steadfast hope. In the face of big governments, big corporations, the globalist agendas and all the potential dangers, we find assurance that Jesus promised that he goes to prepare a place for us. That promise reminds us that our ultimate citizenship isn’t confined to this earth or this nation, it’s rooted in the kingdom of God. We find our identity, our security and our relationship with Christ, and that is above all earthly powers.

In our pursuit for freedom and justice, let’s remember that our battles aren’t against flesh and blood, but actually the spiritual forces of darkness. In Christ we can find wisdom to engage with these bad forces, but to the world we can be as ambassadors, bringing in light and justice to every corner of society = driving away that darkness.

Finally, I’d say: let’s be cautious, not to place our trust in political systems or political white knights. We’ve got to engage in the Public Square, but let’s do so with the teachings of Christ in mind. As we live out His teachings, we’re going to become instruments of change, bringing the principles of his Kingdom into our spheres of influence.

So, when it seems the times are uncertain, freedoms are being eroded, turn to Christ – our refuge, our rock, an unchanging rock in a shifting world.  Cast your anxieties upon Him. Trust in him, and he will provide the peace that passes all understanding. Let’s hold fast to the truth revealed in this Gospel reading of John 14 1-14. Christ is indeed the answer to all our problems: the source of freedom, The Beacon of Hope,

First streamed on The Sunday Eucharist on Sunday, May 7, 2023
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